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AsianMoosic Rotation
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28th-Apr-2008 11:45 am(no subject)
L - shhhh!

Membership is open so please join the community to access new entries. Thanks!

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8th-Jan-2008 11:36 pm - Welcome to Asian Moosic 2.0!
L - shhhh!

Hey members! 

shiozu_san10 here, taking over as your new maintainer of asian_moosic!  Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of the community - I'm making this post on behalf of tokyo_hanabi  who founded and maintained the community for 2 whole years!  

20th-Oct-2007 06:47 am - F.I.R. - Love Diva
F.I.R. is a Chinese rock/pop group. This is their latest album Love Diva.

01. 詠嘆曲
02. 第十行星
03. 需要你的愛 [信+F.I.R.]
04. 三個心願 [飛+阿沁]
05. Change
06. 真愛地圖
07. 月牙灣
08. Forever Green
09. Blue Doors Ahead
10. 愛過
11. 彩色拼圖
12. 荼靡時代

Download here.
16th-Oct-2007 11:24 pm - Thaitanium - Thailand's Most Wanted
Thaitanium is a hip-hop group from Thailand. If you are into korean or japanese hip-hop I'm pretty sure you'll like these guys. I know I do. ^_^

Here are the videos.

Download HERE
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