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AsianMoosic Rotation
Membership is open so please join the community to access new… 
28th-Apr-2008 11:45 am
L - shhhh!

Membership is open so please join the community to access new entries. Thanks!

First off, a million apologies from this hypocritical idiot. I took over the comm during winter break thinking that I had all the time in the world to update. Well, I thought myself too well off and ended up cramming for my stupid term paper. Once again, I'd like to sincerely apologize.

Thanks to the people who responded! Here are the modified rules:

1. This community will still be 'friends-only' with open membership.
a. Click 'join community' at the top of the profile page.

2. Only Asian music will be posted.
a. Do not post merchandise/tickets for sale.
b. EXCEPTIONS include: major music-related news events.
c. Links to another communities and personal introductions are allowed ONLY if you also share songs.

3. ANY MEMBER is allowed to post.

4. NO flaming please!
a. If you do not like an artist, do not be immature and bash the musician/poster.

5. Please please please comment on posts!
a. Feedback from members fuels this community!
b. Even if the post is months old, please leave a reply!

6. Chatting is allowed but do not get too off-topic.

7. Small requests are allowed.
a. Please be patient with the results.
b. Any member is allowed to fulfill requests.

8. Want to affiliate? Please contact shiozu_san10.
a. A link to your community will be posted on the profile page.

9. Please put your post behind an LJ cut.
a. You can include a brief intro and a preview picture.

10. Put tags in your post for easy and fast reference.
a. This isn't a requirement, however it's easier than backlogging to find a specific artist.
b. For general posts, put - A: 'artist name' and/or G: 'genre'
c. For special posts, put whatever applies i.e. - MOD(erator)post, Personal Intro, Request, Community Link, News

11. Any concerns? Message shiozu_san10.

12. Please delete songs after a 24-hour preview period.
a. If you like an artist, PLEASE support them by BUYING THEIR CDs!

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