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AsianMoosic Rotation
Welcome to Asian Moosic 2.0! 
8th-Jan-2008 11:36 pm
L - shhhh!

Hey members! 

shiozu_san10 here, taking over as your new maintainer of asian_moosic!  Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of the community - I'm making this post on behalf of tokyo_hanabi  who founded and maintained the community for 2 whole years!  

I'm not exactly a music guru, but I know what I like and what sounds good to me XD  I enjoy all kinds of asian music but am especially familiar with j-rock.  Visual Kei (VK) is not my particular favorite and sometimes I laugh at awkward English lyrics.  But enough about me, let's start:


1. This community will still be "friends-only" with open membership - (just click "join community" at the top of the profile page).
2. Only Asian music will be posted, i.e. do not post icons, merchandise/tickets to sell, personal introductions, etc.  *Links to your community are allowed ONLY if the main purpose of your post is to share songs.*
3. There will be at least one weekly post.
4. NO flaming please! If you don't like an artist, don't be immature and go "ewww I hate so-and-so...their music sucks" -_-
5. Chatting is allowed but don't get too off-topic. ^^
6. Please please please comment if taking -- it's what fuels our posters or this comm will close down like it almost did!
7. If you would like to affiliate, please comment/message me and I will be happy to link to your community on the profile page.
8. Small requests are allowed but please don't expect an immediate result.

Now just a few questions - feel free to answer all or none XD -->

A.  Should any member be allowed to post or should there be designated posters?
B. Who are your favorite artists?
C. Any other suggestions/questions?

It's pretty impressive that there are already 1000+ members so I hope to be able to share with you all!  As you can see, this community will be revamped bit by bit.  The above rules are on the profile page, however, changes will be made according to the replies to this post and will be highlighted for easy reference. Comment away, I'd like to hear from you guys! 

EDIT - 1/9/08: 
- Watch out for a new music post coming this week!
- Layout Test #1 - Nyappy Time! (is the font too light? does it display the header wrong?)
- Be sure to check this post again for updates!

9th-Jan-2008 05:22 am (UTC)
A. I like to share and fulfill requests (if I have the particular song), but I'm happy to go along with whatever you decide.

B. Almost anything indie, electronic, female singer-songwriter appeals to me in a big way.
Not crazy about the Visual K genre, and I'm not huge for R&B-Dance, unless they lean to the jazzy side, ala Bird or UA, both of those artists I LOVE.

C. Other than on AZN network, I haven't heard many Thai artists. Gotta be some T-pop to go along with the C-pop, K-pop and, of course, J-pop. No?

Thank you for devoting your time to the community, and also for asking for our input!
9th-Jan-2008 07:17 pm (UTC)
nice to meet you!

A. I like the idea of open posting as far as requests go. If someone has a request, the more likely they will get what they want. If we had designated posters to fufill requests, the chances of people getting what they are looking for goes down a little.

B. I like lots of music. I particularly like visual kei (XD). Though my tastes are pretty broad, I prefer jrock. Some general favorites include Dir en Grey, Laruku, Gazette, X Japan, Younha, Cherry Filter, Luna Sea, S.H.E, Namie Amuro, Glay, Hyde and High and Mighty Color.

C. I'm really up for trying out any artists I haven't heard of before. So go with your gut! I really want to expand the musicians/bands I listen to. Even in jrock...the only music I really listen to, I only know and like about 10 artists. For C and K pop and rock, I know even less.

Thanks a lot for asking, I hope our responses really help you out!
9th-Jan-2008 09:05 pm (UTC)

A) I personally prefer to keep a tidy rotation-community, which doesn't overload my F-list with too many posts. Rather a big post once in a while then a lot every day. So. No, I don't think I'd like it as a 'open for members' community. Unless you make it themed and let people submit to a certain page?

B) I like anything which sounds incredibly creative, versatile and with an amazing beat (can be anything: New Age, R&B, HipHop, Rock, Traditional). Besides that I, just like you, don't really appreciate Engrish... and VK is long beyond me XD most of it doesn't thrill me anymore at all. Recently I've only been listening to individual songs but if I track back to returning artists it can be from: Big Bang , Lexy, Bi (rain), Epik High, Imitation PoPs Uchuu Sentai Noiz, LM.C, D, SoulJa, Yoko Kanno etc

C) Don't limit yourself to one style! Explore horizons and give the community a reason to come back every time! surprise me! Variation is the key, I tell you! I'd also appreciate a rating system for easy and quick browsing through highly recommended songs!

Thank you so much for asking feedback, I wish you best of luck in maintaining this community!
10th-Jan-2008 01:09 am (UTC)
Glad to see this community is being revived! Thanks for taking over!

A. Themed rotations could be interesting, but I'd definitely like to see what people have to share as it brings lots of variety and exposure to new artists. So I think everyone can be allowed to post, but keep it in control.
B. I like anything that sounds good. Utada Hikaru, Kagrra, Luna Sea, Rain, Maaya Sakamoto, and hundreds more. I'm open to all.
C. Like many have said before, variety! I especially want to hear music not just from Korea, China, or Japan. As this is an ASIAN music community, it should not always be limited to one area.
21st-Jan-2008 05:31 am (UTC)
I'm still here! ^_^

I'd be happy to keep sharing the Asian music with you guys but I'm happy with whatever you decide. ^_^
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